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Laboratory Incubators to Grow and Maintain Microbiological/Cell Cultures

LWS 30 Liter Incubator

LW Scientific USA Incubators

Laboratory Incubators to Grow and Maintain Microbiological/Cell Cultures

An incubator is a laboratory equipment which its chamber can be set to different atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide or etc. to maintain or grow microbiological cultures or cell cultures. Incubators are essential equipment for a lot of experimental work in cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology. LW Scientific, a leader in manufacturing laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology today has now revealed the all new LWS USA Incubators that are totally designed, engineered and assembled in Atlanta, GA, United States. The new LWS USA line of incubators are designed to perfectly fit to various applications such as cultures, egg incubation, test kits, fluid bag warming, and other microbiological uses in pediatric, physician, and hospital labs. They provide  better temperature stability and accuracy with the digital PID microprocessor controls. The temperature can be set up to 65*C/150*F, and the convection heat provides excellent heat distribution and uniformity. The LED temperature display shows constant temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the aluminum and stainless steel components are corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The new LW Scientific USA Incubators are available in 10, 20 and 30 liter sizes to accommodate any size of laboratory incubation applications and come with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Find LW Scientific USA Incubators, here

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LW Scientific ZIP COmbo Centrifuge

LW Scientific COMBO ALLWhen you are running a clinic or laboratory, sometimes portable equipment is extremely important due to lack of bench space or in the need of the mobility. Here comes the LW Scientific ZIPCombo portable digital centrifuge that can perform many different separation applications in a small footprint. The LW Scientific’s recently launched  Zip Combo can handle many different centrifugation applications such as blood, urine, DNA and microfiltration of HPLC samples.The new LW Scientific Zip Combo replaces the predecessor ZIPOCRIT centrifuge and carries the portability and functionality compare to the old Zipocrit. the LW Scientific ZIP Combo has a 1,000-12,000 rpm variable speed, quite operation brushless motor. The LCD screen display gives the user the ability to view the actual speed on the centrifuge unlike the old Zipocrit. The ZIP Combo Part# ZCC-12HD-40T3 comes standard with a 12 place 40mm capillary tube rotor, hematocrit reading chart and a vial of 200 40mm glass hematocrit tubes. It can also be ordered with the 6 place 1.5-2.0ml micro tube rotor and the the PCR tube rotor  to handle the urine and DNA separations. The part number for this model is ZCC-06AD-02T3 In order to have all of these capabilities on a single bundle, you can get the LW Scientific Part# ZCC-1206-77T3 which comes with both hematocrit, micro tube and PCR rotor options.

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LW Scientific Digital 10 Key Differential Counter with LED Display, CTL-DIFD-10KY


New for 2013, the Digital Differential Counter uses modern technology for simple and accurate blood cell counts. A short beep sounds with each touch on the touch pad to confirm the count, and a long beep indicates you have reached 100 cells. 8 buttons are labeled with cell names and cell pictures for Baso, Eosin, Myelo, Juven, Stab, Seg, Lymph, and Mono, plus there are two additional BLANK buttons for additional cells. Push the percent button at any time to automatically calculate percentages, and push the reset button to clear the counts.


  • Audible short beeps for each button pushed
  • Audible long beep when 100 cells are counted 
  • Digital readout with soft-touch buttons
  • 10 Buttons for Counting with audible beeps
  • No mechanical gears to fail – Always accurate
  • Available in 220V as well. (Please specify at check out)


  • 8.6 x 6.3 x 3 inches
  • 1.3 pounds

Warranty; Comes with 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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LW Scientific is a 4 place 0.75mm capillary tube centrifuge for hematocrit reading. It has 11000rpm speed with a 30 minute programming mechanical timer. It is ON SALE at getMedOnline.com. Check it out… http://www.getmedonline.com/lwsc4pl75poh.html

Buy LW Scientific ZIPocrit Portable Hematocrit Centrifuge

LW Scientific Zipocrit Centrifuge