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ELMA Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners | Made in Germany

Originally a watchmaker and goldsmith, Hans Schmidbauer started his business in the small town of Singen in Southern Germany, close to the Swiss border and in the vicinity of the south German watch manufacturers. His first machine was a semi-automatic cleaning machine for watches that he had designed himself. In the economically successful years after the war the small business expanded rapidly and soon manufactured other machines for the watch and jewellery workshops. This was also the time when the first export activities started. International awards were proof of the solid quality of the ELMA machines. Soon, watchmakers all over the world linked the name ELMA with the slogan “Made in Germany”. This good reputation has lasted to the present day. Even now, machines sold in the very first years of the business are returned to Singen for maintenance and repair.

The ultrasonic technology was introduced to the watch and jewellery branches in the 60s. Formerly laborious and hazardous cleaning methods could now be replaced by new, safer ones. Thanks to ELMA, the ultrasonic technology, combined with branch-specific cleaning media, has found access to many watchmakers’ and jewellers’ workshops.

The invention of the crystal watch in the early 70s brought a stop to the expansion of the watch business branch. The new watch works require less servicing and so the watchmakers needed fewer service appliances. When Manfred H. Schmidbauer followed the tradition of his father in 1973 and took over the responsibility for ELMA, he had to react to the decline of the watch business and so introduced the ultrasonic technology to other business branches adjusting at the same time both technology and cleaning chemicals to the new requirements. Also, the international distributional activities were aimed at numerous branches, such as the optics, laboratory and dental business sectors. It was in this period that the distributional subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland were founded. The entrepreneurial concept worked out well. ELMA could stand its ground and – based on their technology – has constantly gained new market shares on an international level.

As the ultrasonic technology expanded, chemical cleaning media specially designed for various branches became more and more important. ELMA now started research and production of special cleaning chemicals on a bigger scale. In 1985, ELMA founded a separate chemical production site.

In the 80s, ELMA profited further from its wide know how in the field of ultrasonic technology and started the design and construction of multiple-stage ultrasonic cleaning installations. Since then, customer-specific cleaning problems have been solved by designing and manufacturing tailor-cut installations. The prohibition of cleaning media hazardous to the environment took its full effect in this stage, so that ELMA was forced to expand its research and subsequently its range of environment-friendly products and installations for the various business applications faster than planned.

As a consequence the construction offices and assembly premises needed much more room, so that new premises had to be searched: the ELMA business site in the industrial area of Singen presented the solution. In 1991, the company moved part of its business to the new buildings. Since then, all assembly and mounting departments, the logistics and the industrial installations departments are housed there.

Ready for the future challenges, ELMA has started the new millenium working in the following business sectors: – servicing equipment and appliances for the watch and jewellery branch – ultrasonic cleaning units for various branches – cleaning chemicals, particularly for the use in ultrasonic cleaning units – cleaning installations for the industrial fine cleaning.

The ELMA table-top ultrasonic cleaners are one of the best in the US market today. Available in various different sizes and three main configurations as E, S and P series, the ELMA bench-top ultrasonic cleaners are offered with low prices at

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Sonicor Bench top Ultrasonic Cleaners – Made in the USA

SONICOR Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners – Made in the USA

Sonicor is a US based company that has been in ultrasonic equipment manufacturing business since 1960s. Sonicor’s commitment to quality products and customer service has earned for us the trust and loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Sonicor precision cleaning systems have successfully addressed the critical cleaning requirements of leading companies in virtually every industry. Now to serve to medical, laboratory, jewelry, dental and many more industries, Sonicor is launching their bench top ultrasonic cleaners that are made in the USA. The Sonicor Ultrasonic Cleaners are solid, reliable and long lasting and available in several different sizes and configurations starting from 0.25 gallon all the way up to 7.0 gal. Every single Sonicor Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner is being tested for eight hours before it takes its place on the shelf. Are you looking for a reliable ultrasonic cleaner for your task that will do the job every time you run, find them here at competitive prices. CLICK HERE FOR SONICOR ULTRASONIC CLEANER PRICES




Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners | Parts and Accessories


Are you looking to buy a reliable ultrasonic cleaner for your medical facility, laboratory, repair shop or dental clinic? You may be looking for something that’s going to do the job perfectly and last long. ELMA ULTRASONIC CLEANERS are now available in different configurations combined with reputable German engineering. The ELMA Ultrasonic Baths come in 3 main configurations and 14 different sizes starting from 0.5 gallon for lighter duty jobs all the way up to 24 gallon which are suitable for industrial cleaning applications.. All models are heated and ship with covers as well. The ELMA Sonicators are equipped with powerful transducers that can generate 37Khz or *37 and 80Khz sweep frequency.

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ELMA E Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

We are an authorized distributor of ELMA Ultrasonic Cleaners. We carry the whole line of Elmasonic products, Replacement Parts and Accessories. We are located in Long Island New York. If you can not find any ELMASONIC product on our website, please contact us for pricing and availability. Our phone numbers are toll free 1-888-822 3336 or 631-803 2694. You can also send us an email to We will reply your inquiries as quickly as possible…

Prices for Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners – Check’em Out

Branson CPX8800HAre you shopping for a reliable and affordable table top ultrasonic cleaner for your shop, clinic, lab, etc? Picking the right and reputable brand with high quality is sometimes a challenge. There are so many brands and products in the market but when you are looking to make such an investment to your business, then you would need to go with something that you can count on. Branson has an experience in manufacturing the high quality, precise tabletop ultrasonic cleaners for more than 60 years. The new Bransonic benchtop ultrasonic cleaners are now more precise, more efficient and they have more functionality than any other ultrasonic cleaner in the market today. The new Branson ultrasonic cleaners have 20 different models in 5 different sizes and 4 different configurations. So let’s start with the most economically priced, Branson M Series.

The Branson M series ultrasonic cleaners are available in 5 different sizes starting form 0.5 gallon up to 5.5 gallons. They are ergonomically designed, include a 60 minute mechanical timer with stainless steel chamber. 40Khz sweep frequency generates exceptional precision cleaning.

The Branson MH Series are one step higher than M Series because the MH Series are also equipped with heating function which creates even better and quicker cleaning results. The Branson MH Series also have the 60 minute mechanical timer.

The Branson CPX series are the digital version of Bransonics. Also starting from 0.5 gal to 5.5gal, the Branson CPX Series have the functions of digital control, programmability for cleaning, degassing, low/high output frequency setting for cleaning of sensitive instruments and sleep mode after cleaning cycle.

The Branson CPXH series are the most advanced ultrasonic baths available in today’s market because they include all the features on the CPX Series combined with the heat control. The CPXH Series Branson Ultrasonic cleaners are available from 0.5 gal to 5.5 gal.

All Bransonic Ultrasonic Baths ship with the plastic cover. Models 3800 and higher have built-in drains for easy removal of the old fluid in the cleaning chamber. There are also mesh baskets, perforated and non-perforated trays. beaker covers and cleaning detergents available as optional acceesories. You can find all of these high quality products on our website at with the guaranteed lowest prices in the market

Buy Conmed HYFRECATOR 2000
35 Watt High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator by Conmed Corporation

Part No 7-900-115

 Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 7-900-115

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Benchmark Scientific BeadBug 2700-4000rpm Variable Speed 3 x Microtube Homogenizer, D1030

Benchmark-scientific-beadbug-homogenizerThe BeadBug™ is a high energy benchtop homogenizer that sets the performance standard for personal sized cell disruption and lysis instruments. Simultaneous homogenization of up to 3 samples takes place (often within 45 seconds) inside the disposable 2ml screw cap microtubes.

The  optimized mixing motion causes rapid cell disruption through constant high velocity impact from the hardened micro-beads chosen specifically  for your sample type. Developed for samples too tough to be homogenized in a common lab vortexer, the BeadBug provides a convenient and economical alternative to the traditional, over-priced homogenizers on the market today. With up to three tube capacity and a foot print of just 7 x 8″, the BeadBug is the ideal homogenizing instrument for low to medium throughput laboratories – See more at:

Mettler Sonicator 740 Therapeutic Ultrasound Unit |

Mettler Electronic’s Sonicator series physical therapy equipments have been serving the rehab facilities, chiropractor clinics, hospitals and universities for decades. Mettler Electronics makes several different models of therapeutic ultrasound, electrotherapy equipments, combination therapy equipments, diathermy equipments, etc. One of the best seller ultrasound therapy product in the medical market is the Mettler Sonicator 740. The Sonicator 740 is a simple to use therapeutic ultrasound machine that has 1 and 3mhz dual frequency ultrasound capability which gives the user to use the same equipment for several types of therapeutic ultrasound treatments. The Mettler Sonicator 740 comes with a most commonly used 5cm2 applicator. 1 and 10cm2 applicators are also available as optional. If you need to buy Mettler Sonicator 740 ultrasound therapy unit, please visit our website, here or call us at 1-888-822 3336 to get the discounted price.


IKA Mills and Grinders

IKA Tube Mill Control 4180001IKA introduces the world‘s first disposable grinding system for safe, instant and precise milling results. Its unique and compact design makes the unit space saving and ultra-portable. The disposable grinding chamber eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and saves you cleaning costs and time. Convenient and safe to use while assuring high safety and reproducibility to cover a broad range of applications. The ability to cool the sample with dry ice expands applications tremendously. During development of the mill, particular emphasis was placed on user safety. If you can’t locate the part number or the model on our website, please call us at 1-888-822 3336 or email us to for pricing…

IKA Ultra TURRAX Dispersers | Dispersing, Emulsifying, Homogenizing

IKA 3720001Dispersing is the mixing of at least two substances that: don’t dissolve in each other, hardly dissolve in each other, or don’t chemically react with each other. During a dispersing process one substance (dispersing phase) is distributed throughout another substance (continuous phase). The goal of most dispersing processes is the production of an emulsion or a suspension. Both are mixtures that deal with a liquid continuous phase. The dispersing phase of an emulsion is also liquid. During production of a suspension, solid particles must be smoothly distributed in a liquid.

Dispersing with an ULTRA TURRAX is based on the rotor-stator principle. Here, the rotor is moved with a high circumferential speed. The rotation produces suction, which pulls the medium into the rotor and then pushes it to the outside with help from the stator’s teeth. This process results in the sample’s dispersion.

Dispersing with an ULTRA TURRAX leads to the intensive, momentary crushing of liquid droplets and solid particles of preferably small sizes. The long-time stability of the dispersions is achieved by using suitable emulsifiers and stabilizers.

IKA’s ULTRA-TURRAX – the epitome of first-rate dispersing devices. Whether used for homogenizing, emulsifying or suspending – IKA’s dispersers enable the best possible results. The digital display allows you to keep track of the speed range up to 24,000 revolutions per minute, starting softly of course. Due to their broad spectrum of dispersing tools, IKA dispersers are highly effective for a variety uses. Common disperser uses include: homogenization of effluent samples, dispersing tasks under vacuum pressure, and PCR analysis. IKA dispersers know no limits when it comes to professional particle reduction. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals in the development of IKA dispersers. If you can’t locate the part number or the model on our website, please call us at 1-888-822 3336 or email us to for pricing…

IKA Ultra TURRAX Dispersers

The New LW Scientific USA E8 Centrifuges | Made in the USA

LW Scientific E8 digitalThe new LW Scientific E8 fixed angle centrifuge is now being produced in Georgia. Since both the E8 and Portafuge centrifuges are manufactured in LW Scientific‘s ISO-Certified, FDA registered USA facility, you can expect American quality underscored by our friendly distributor support. Loaded with fantastic improvements, both the USA E8 and Portafuge are available as fixed speed, variable speed, and new digital models That’s six great choices at economical prices for our customers.

Our customers asked for some improvements – and LW Scientific added even more. The new 2014 model runs quieter and faster(up to 3500rpm) Increased speed and greater G-Force mean quick serum separations. The new design is more space-friendly, and samples are kept cooler with its excellent ventilation system. The auto-calibrating feature gives you accurate speeds, and the built-in auto-brake stops the rotor in seconds. Ask about the  new, digital model to spin urine, fecal, and semen samples at more precise speeds.

LW Scientific USA E8 Centrifuges