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Cryosurgery is a medical skin treatment technique with the use of extreme cold which is usually liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide or Argon gas at -346 and -320°F being applied to the skin lesion to destroy the abnormal tissues, tumors, moles, etc. This technique is very preferred treatment method both by the physicians and the patients due to its simplicity, speed of action and for being risk free without any side effects. The most commonly used gas for the cryosurgical treatments today is the liquid form of nitrogen gas. This gas is being sprayed on the tissue through a trigger activated sprayer system that is called in different names such as cryogun, cryo sprayer, liquid nitrogen gun or liquid nitrogen sprayer. These sprayer systems are very easy to use. The system generates pressure once 75% of the canister is filled with liquid nitrogen and this way it allows the gas to be sprayed to the lesion through the nozzle.

Todays physicians preferred brand in cryosurgical systems is Brymill which has been known with the reliability of their products for more than 50 years. Brymill is a US manufacturer of cryogenic systems located in Berlin Connecticut and has been in operation since 1966.. Bymill’s best known cryogun is the Bymill B700 CryAc Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer (16oz) P/N Brymill B700 CryAc Cryogun or Brymill CryAc 3 B800 Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer (10oz) P/N Brymill B800 Cryac 3 Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer. The Brymill CryAc/3 liquid nitrogen sprayer systems are backed by 3 years manufacturer’s warranty in all around the world. Every Cryac or CryAc 3 liquid nitrogen sprayer system comes with most commonly used sprayer tips (A,B,C,D,E) and a bent sprayer which is a great accessory for hard to reach areas. Brymill also offers a wide variety of comprehensive selection of cryosurgical spray tips, probes, and other accessories that enable the physician to treat a wider range of skin lesions with greater control and accuracy.
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