IKA Eurostar Digital/Control Overhead Stirrers

ika-eurostar-60-control-overhead-stirrer-40lt-capacity-max-speed-2000rpm-4440001-11Laboratory overhead mixers/stirrers are essential equipment for complicated mixing tasks. Some materials are easy to mix while some are complicated due to the high viscosity which require more power. At this point, IKA Works, a German laboratory equipment manufacturer offers various different models and configurations of laboratory over head mixers / stirrers. The most popular IKA overhead stirrers are the IKA Eurostar Overhead Mixers which are available in two different configurations. The IKA Eurostar Digital Overhead mixers and IKA Eurostar CONTROL overhead stirrers. Let’s look at these models in detail.

The IKA Eurostar Digital is the cost effective version of IKA  overhead stirrer that has LED display and variable speed at up to *6000rpm. The Eurostar Digital has quiet brushless motor with high power. The casing is robust and reliable…


IKA Eurostar Digital Overhead Stirrers / Mixers

Model Part No Speed Display Stirring Capaciy (H2O) Max. Viscosity Torque
Eurostar 20 Digital 4442001 2000rpm LED 15lt 10,000 mPas 20Ncm
Eurostar 40 Digital 4444001 2000rpm LED 25lt 30,000 mPas 40Ncm
Eurostar 60 Digital 4446001 2000rpm LED 40lt 50,000 mPas 60Ncm
Eurostar 20 High Speed Digital 4028601 6000rpm LED 20lt 10,000 mPas 20Ncm
Eurostar 100 Digital 4238101 1300rpm LED 100lt 70,000 mPas 100Ncm
Eurostar 200 Digital 3990001 2000rpm LED 100lt 100,000 mPas 200Ncm

IKA Works also offers the professional grade Eurostar CONTROL series overhead mixers. The Eurostar Control is the enhanced model laboratory mixers available today. They are available in different stirring capacities, viscosity and torques to fit every budget and every applications. The IKA Eurostars have wireless control TFT display which supports English and German languages. The quiet brushless motors have also been used in these models. The Eurostars are completely programmable, can measure the liquid temperature. They can also be connected to a computer through the RS232 and USB interfaces.

IKA Eurostar CONTROL Overhead Stirrers / Mixers
Model Part No Speed Display Stirring Capaciy (H2O) Max. Viscosity Torque
Eurostar 60 Control 4440001 2000rpm TFT Display/Wireless Control 40lt 50,000 mPas 60Ncm
Eurostar 100 Control 4028501 1300rpm TFT Display/Wireless Control 100lt 70,000 mPas 100Ncm
Eurostar 200 Control 3992001 2000rpm TFT Display/Wireless Control 100lt 100,000 mPas 200Ncm
Eurostar 200 Control P4 4090001 530rpm TFT Display/Wireless Control 100lt 150,000 mPas 660Ncm

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